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Effective communication through social media reduces the risk of product misunderstandings. If a business can present accurate information quickly to the point, it will build confidence and strengthen the positive image of business as well. Nevertheless, the mentioned issues directly and indirectly affect the cost of the business. Because using people to answer questions with customers is a waste of time and labor, as well as emotions and the feelings, it can affect the standard of answers that may cause negative feelings for customers. As a result of this problem, many businesses use "chatbot" to interact with customers on their behalf.

Under the movement of world-class entrepreneurs and domestic entrepreneurs and the trend of driving the business through the digital system, Chatbot is one of the interesting tools to help reduce the cost for entrepreneurs. It is also an interesting business opportunity for businesses looking for new marketing communication channels to consumers. Hence, Chatbot is another innovation that will play an important role.

In addition, the ongoing Chatbot development will be able to collect information for each client. Entrepreneurs can use the data to create a specific market for individuals. Using Chatbot in the business can help understand the behavior of customers. This information can be used to develop the marketing activities suitable for individual needs in order for customers to become more aware of products and services, plus increasing opportunities in selling products and services.

The next part is the cost reduction of the organization. The Chatbot can connect to contact channels of customers from a variety of sources, such as the Facebook Messenger application, LINE application, Live Chat from the website or applications that the company developed by themselves. Chatbot can reduce the cost of hiring staff that requires knowledge expertise in each area and the shortage of customer relations staff. Currently, many organizations are facing this problem. The newly recruited staff needs to be trained, which incurs training cost. On top of that, the resignation rate of the customer relations staff is at a high level. It causes insufficient staff to provide the service to customers. Introducing Chatbot technology to help slow down the recruitment of new staff results in reduced operating costs of the organization.

Chatbot developed by UC Connect is using Machine Learning to develop the Artificial Intelligence or AI to select the right answer the question. Data analysis using machine learning tools and improved decision-making capabilities make the application of Chatbot technology become more popular. Chatbot is used for managing daily activities, providing essential information, automating telephone systems, or providing information about products or services.

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