How could CRM helps improve your business?

In the world of high business completion on product, quality, and price, customer satisfaction is one thing that is not negligible. To achieve that, businesses are driven by data. The data can be used for planning for marketing, increasing sale revenue, and keeping the customer loyalty.

Nowadays, CRM system has gained lots of popularity and played an important role in various businesses. Today, UC Connect would like to introduce you about the CRM.

CRM (customer relationship management)

Customer Relationship Management is a business activity that connects customers or consumers to build a good relationship toward the company. It creates awareness, understanding, and satisfactory to the products or services which leads to brand loyalty that keeps the customers to use/buy the products or services, thus turns the customers to become regulars who will bring more new customers.

The goal of utilizing the CRM is not only to improve customer’s satisfaction but to learn and collect customer’s behavior in selecting the products or services including customer’s needs. Then the information can be used to analyze for developing the marketing plan that is suitable for the products or services in the future.

U-Beyond CRM

U-Beyond CRM is fully customizable to suite the needs of each customer. The customers can design the functions that essential to the business and their target market. Examples of the functions of the UC Connect’s U-Beyond CRM are as following;


Build you own summarized reports and display them in detail for managing the business in real time. It can be showed as Funnels, Pie, Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, Comparison Bar, and/or daily, weekly, monthly detail summery. It also supports automatic report generating according to pre-defined time and date.


Know your team movement by update the work into the system as such job accepting, job closing, job assigning, or job following up. For Customer Relation Department, the notification can be set within the system, like one anniversary for a customer that stay with the brand, customer’s birthday, end of contact date, or annual renewal date.

To-do Lists

Users can manage their own work, be notified for events, or handover the work to other departments in the organization.

Google Maps

The CRM is able to show the location of a customer or related team member accurately.

Customer Journey

The relation between customer satisfaction and products can be investigated in order to be further developed to provide better services.

Cases / Ticket

The agents can open a case received by phone call, email, or Live chat and gather the information to help solving the problem then return the solution via the appropriate channelsใ


With the CRM, a survey can be made to collect and analyze customer satisfaction. The survey can be sent via email or call.

Workflow Approval

The notification system that alert the responsible individuals to approve or deny the work. All conditions are fully customizable.

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