Systematically store and search for the organizational knowledge base

Knowledge-based Management system is where information of the organization, such as product detail, services, organization data, or image files is stored for agents to conveniently, timely, and accurately search for. It is a place to store and receive knowledge to improve understanding, collaboration, and process management. The Knowledge-based Management system exists within an organization or team. Moreover, it can be used to provide the organization’s knowledge base for the organization’s users or customers.

The importance of the Knowledge-based Management system can be narrowed down to the main purpose of helping users use knowledge to improve work, because User can respond to customers’ questions in real time and in a timely manner. Thus, these are creating more proactive success with customers.

Knowledge-based Management Module can be consisted of product information, service information, organization information. Agents can find and access information more conveniently, quickly, and more accurately. The data is centralized so the information will be up-to-date when there are changes.

In addition, the system can set the right to correct information in Knowledge-based Center, and also able to group category of the information. In case of adding information to Knowledge-based there will be an alert to the agent automatically. The frequently used information can be set to favorite for easy searching. It can also store statistics on searches as well.

  • List view Knowledge has 5 tables, Poplar (FAQ), Important, All Knowledges, Group Contents, and Historical (normally seen only by admin). Popular (FAQ) will sort the topics by most viewed to least viewed which are also searched by subject or created by.
  • Important table will these information;
    1. No.
    2. Subject
    3. View
    4. Create Date
    5. Create By
    6. Edit topic
    7. Delete topic
  • Slide Bar will display the image from Important table. Users can click on the image to access the topic
  • All Knowledge will display all topics sorted by created date
  • Group Content will display topics as grouped, such as
    • No.
    • Subject
    • Edit group name
    • Delete group
    • Create new content
    • Create new Group content
  • Historical table will display all topics including expired topics. This table is usually accessible by admin only to re-publish expired topics

Apart from what’s mentioned above, there are a functions that allow users to create or edit contents as well as create Group Content

Other than what's mentioned above, there so many features that suite diffenrent purposes for different customers. We, UC Connect, understand the problems on the systems in the market that is not-so customizable. That leads us to the development of Knowledge-based Management according to the requirements for the benefit of the customers.
We design Knowledge Based Management system on the basis of speed and completeness from various business case studies leading to guidelines for creating a high quality information mangement system that can be used with ease and can answer long-term business problems for the seamlessly operating your business

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