What is Softphone?

Softphone is a software that acts like a regular telephone installed on a computer. It works with a headset on Voice Over IP (VoIP). The software comes in many different graphical UI depending on the maker of the software. Using the softphone helps the users save both telephone bill and equipment cost. An example of a softphone developed by UC Connect is as shown in figure 1 below.

A good example practice of the softphone is to integrate it with CRM application. When a customer calls, and the call is routed to an agent, the agent can pick up the call via the softphone while the screen automatically shows the information (Screen Pop-up) entered by the caller during the IVR or on the database related to that phone number.

In the case of wanting to search for general information Can search more conveniently sush as, Finding Basic Information in the Knowledge-based System, or search for Incident Cases (contact history) which helps the service to be more efficient, convenient and more accurate

At UC Connect, we design and develop Softphone by the business requirements both on PC and website. Many leading companies have been putting trust in us for creating feature-rich and convenient Softphone for Call Center agents.

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