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What is Mobile Application?

Mobile application is a software that runs on smartphones or tablets similar to PC application. In the past, mobile application was small and had limited functions, but nowadays, mobile application is widely used. Because most people spend more time on smartphone than PC, there are many more mobile applications in development.
A good mobile application must be designed with the needs and limitations of the device in mind while taking advantages of the available special capabilities. For example, health related application might use the capabilities of accelerometer to mature the footsteps taken by the user.
Mobile application can be developed for OS-specific (native app), Android or iOS only. The application can also be developed as a hybrid app that can run on both Android and iOS with the same set of coding.

Due to the widespread of Mobile Application in the past few years, quality is a necessity because if an application has a vulnerability, it can lead to serious results such as damage to corporate reputation, financial loss, or even unauthorized access to various information. The goal of UC Connect is to create a secure system, and in developing apps, we adhere to the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) principles to make the app as efficient as possible. Moreover, we provide quality warrantees for customers as well.
If you want to create a mobile application, you can contact us to get your requirement in order to know the current needs or problems. After that, we will take all the data to process and plan as well as design the UI / UX by skilled designers and developers. Then we will deliver the work that meets the needs for the maximum satisfaction of every customer.

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