We aim to design and develop softwares that is easy to use and answer to the business problems

Development Team

At UC Connect, we have a team of professional developers equipped with the dedicated program management system who are able to develop all types of programs according to the modern application development guidelines. We utilize international-standards software architecture for designing applications. Also, we have business experts with knowledge and understanding of business flow, logic, ideas, and analysis in order to plan the system development that can be used for maximizing benefit of the organization in every business.

Programmer & Developer

Good coding begins with the good design process which is the foundation of the future product design. Using modern techniques to reduce development time and focus on good job outcomes are the important thing to correctly solve various problems at the core.

Analytical & Design

  • User eXperience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Software Engineering
  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Software Engineering and Water Fall Model
  • Data Flow Diagram / UML
  • Project Management
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)

System Analysis

We have a team that specializes in a variety of businesses. Based on over 10 years of experience in solving business problems with software and technology, we have case studies on different types of work to help develop systems that meet the business model. We study the current system to analyze the common point and design the management system to develop a new system in accordance with software standards. So that the newly developed system can meet the needs of the business, be easily used, be quickly, and be effective.

System Development and Web Development

At UC Connect, we design and develop all kinds of systems, websites, and applications
Which focused on the use of business management to make it becomes more convenient and systematic. Thus, it enhances business potential and competitive advantage in the future.

How the customized software help improve your business?

“In the business world that is continuously expanding, every business has to reduce the traditional paper-based working style which can cause redundancy in the work as well as loss of important data. Using computer software or web application is one way that is easy and convenient to create a work system that reduces employee’s errors which may cause damage in the future. Furthermore, the executives on the management level can see the working overview through different reporting tools of the entire system. Realtime factual information can be displayed in various formats to help analyze and adapt to the situation promptly with the right decision.
UC Connect has systems that will help with project work and development of management systems Including a development and design team with expertise in system implementation planning from many years of experiences in varieties of forms from of the needs from customers in many businesses.

Information that use for developing and planning will not be disclosed

We have safety design standards including important information that would affect the business. We take high precaution on non-disclosable information. The project manager will oversee customers’ various important information with the highest discretion.

System Development

Management system

Business Process Management: BPM

Customer Relationship Management : CRM


Loyalty Program

Stock inventory



Logistics Management System : LMS

Property Management System : PMS

Resort Management System

Order Management System : ODM

Knowledge Management : KM

Content Management System : CMS

Room Booking


Leads Management System : LMS


Asset Management System : AMS

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